…apparently it DOES sound like a good idea?

EDIT: We’ve been working hard on this so, you can find out more about The Blank Page Challenge right here!

Well, that was unexpected.

In the last 24 hours my idea for a short story competition has really taken off. I’ve had some amazing support from the writing community, made new friends, been given some really helpful feedback and, yes, it’s been really unexpected. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out the blog post here

So, to all of you now following this blog, joining me on Twitter or Facebook… thank you. I am really pleased and humbled that my mad-cap idea has been greeted with such enthusiasm. Really. Wow.

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And that includes to those who didn’t want to be involved or thought it was a bad idea. Your feedback is welcome and taken on board too.

But, where are we now?

Well, making progress on the idea. Since yesterday and with feedback, I’ve expanded the plan for the competition, started work on a name, found my fellow panel members (nearly, waiting to hear back on one) and ironed out some kinks.

If we keep going as is, then we should see the first competition launch on the 1st of February with our first prompt which will be…



Announced on the day! But nice try.

The main aim of this blog is to thank you all for your enthusiasm as I say and to ask that you continue to spread the word via Twitter and Facebook as well as asking that you follow this blog to keep up to date with developments.

All being well, I think we’ll be announcing the name tomorrow and then my fellow judging panel members, rules and answering any questions throughout the rest of the week. Busy time!!

If you have any questions, plan to take part or have any input at all, let me know in the comments below! Thanks again!

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  1. Awesome, Simon! The moment you shared that you had an idea, I knew it would be a hit. Well done, you! Can’t wait for the first competition. This is going to be GOOD!!!

    1. I hope so! But don’t be fooled, some of my ideas are best kept between my ears…

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