Continuing as you mean to… continue?

In the words of Obi Wan, hello there! It’s been a while.

(Sorry about that.)

Life has, in the last few years, been a little crazy.

I’ve become a husband and a father, both surprisingly time-consuming enterprises.

I’ve also moved back to the exciting and familiar world of self-employment. Once again, in the marketing and copywriting sphere. More on that in a later post, I think.

AND I’ve started up a long-planned project which will involve YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, dice and… paint. More on that another time too.

Full of the mysteries today.

But if you’re here, you’re probably here for books.

All. Of. The. Books.

So, first off, thanks for sticking around. I appreciate it.

Thus far the first draft of Blindside, the first in my Exoterran universe, is complete. Sitting at around the 120,000-word mark, it needs a bit of a tidy up and edit before you lovely people get to see it.

Path to Hel, the first in the Ascension series, has been drafted… twice to date. It’s still not right. The heart of the story is there, but the skeleton is a bit wonky. Hip bones connected to the neck bone and whatnot. I am not sure if that needs a third rewrite, or I can take the chainsaw to it to make it work.

But why am I back here, bugging you good people? Well, I am PLANNING to write a blog on here once a week, on a Monday, and a short story once a month. The idea is to not allow my writing to become drowned out in the chorus of responsibilities and to-do lists which rule my day. And the best way to do that? Add it to my to-do list!

Genius, right?

I also need to have a bit of a dust and tidy up of this here website too, so look out for that.

Busy, busy.

That’s the plan. This is my letter of intent. Let’s see how I get on, shall we?

4 Replies to “Continuing as you mean to… continue?”

  1. Good luck with cracking on with it Simon. It’s very much ‘fits and starts’ with me and my writing, right now. It’s a funny old time after the last 2 years and now the War in Ukraine. It can be tough to stay focused.
    Keep us posted on how it’s going.

    1. Thanks Mandy, I will do. It is a weird old time.
      But, being the good marketer I am… I have a content strategy, we’ll see how the writer in me reacts to a bit of structure. I am guessing not so well!

  2. Wait, you mean with fatherhood, husbandhood (is that a word? It is now), book writing, a pandemic, and actually working to get the bills paid, you couldn’t make time to blog? Really? I don’t know. Young writers these days … 😉

    Seriously, lovely to see you back and you sound like you’ve been SUPER busy on all fronts. Hope things are all good with you and will look forward to reading more soon!

    1. I know, RIGHT? (You’re totally in my good books for calling my young, by the way!)

      Lovely to be back and to see you rocking it, as ever! You remain inspiration to me, so thank you for that. More is coming…

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