The bedroom door closed with a click. Final and loud in the evening-shadowed hallway. Leaning back, he rested his head against the cool wood of the door and closed his eyes. Silence ruled the house, it seemed to boom off the walls in contrast to the noise and drama of the minutes before. The sounds and screaming, gone. Space now filled with nothing save for his own breath.

Moments passed as he let his heart slow and breathing ease. Not thinking about what had happened. No time for that now. Just enjoy the release. An ending. The chance of a new beginning… for as long as the past left him alone.

Time to go.

Opening his eyes, he set off towards the landing, taking his time. Arms outstretched so his shaking fingers brushed the walls. Tips tracing over the expensive, textured wallpaper. She chose it, he paid. He never liked it.

The house now full of the sound of his passing. The creak and groan of the bare floorboards beneath his feet, marking progress towards the world. So familiar, sparking memories. A laugh here. Seeing her there. Following her to the bedroom. Ghosts of the past walked through him, heading on their way into a history now written. He kept his steps even. Stepping into a future. Marking the time to freedom.

Moving to the stairs he paused, looking back at the bedroom door. Still closed. Still silent. No surprise. But he felt a twinge in his gut. Guilt? Sadness? Regret? He pushed it from his mind. Focus on relief. This was a good thing. No matter the cost.

He began to hum to fill the silence as he set off down the curving stairs. He remembered coming down the stairs every day before work. Heading off to feed her excesses with his hard work. Never again.

Arriving at the foot of the stairs he picked up his keys, phone and headphones from the table on reflex. His hand on the door handle before he even realised he’d picked them up. Opening the door, he held the keys up to the evening light, contemplating them. They wouldn’t be needed again. He tossed them back into the house to land on the stairs with a jarring clatter. The sound subsided and the silence rushed in to fill the space.

Closing the door firmly behind him, he stood on the stairs leading down to the street. Powering up his headphones, he slipped them over his head to cover his ears and block out the city. A few seconds work and they came to life, loud music banishing the silence by isolating him from those around him as he stepped down to the street.

Left, or right? It didn’t matter really. This was all new. Where to didn’t matter, just as long as he was moving from.

The music built in his ears, the beat louder, compelling him to turn and walk. He complied. A fast pace down the tree lined street to match the sounds which now pulsed in his veins. His feet pounding the sidewalk, the even slabs seeming to rise to meet his shoes. Each step leading him forward to a future and taking him away from what he’d done.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this Simon. I could almost picture him leaving it all behind.

    1. Well thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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