That was quick… my 2018 in review and plans for 2019

That was 2018, huh? It was shorter than I thought it would be. Here and gone before I had time to get used to it. 2018 we barely knew you…

Still, I guess that’s the risk when you have a lot going on. Time passes, and you miss it.

To business…

Thankfully, 2018 proved to be a successful and enjoyable one. It was my first full year of living in The Netherlands. It was the first full year in which my income has been entirely generated from writing.

That last was unexpected. I anticipated that I would gradually switch from web development/ marketing to writing over time. But this year was all about writing. I shudder to think how many words I’ve written this year. It’s a lot.

Most of these words have been for clients, which is amazing. I’ve developed an amazing base of supportive, exciting and inspirational clients. For whom I write blogs, website copy, marketing material and much more besides. I’ve even written text for a Champagne bottle.

I’ve learnt a lot, developed my skills and writing voice in many ways. My writing skills are a much more exercised and sleeker beast than they were last year. Word count is up, development time down. My instincts are more honed. It’s… nice. I feel more competent, even if I have so much more to learn.

Totally how I look when writing
Totally how I look when writing

…and in fiction news…

Of course, there’s a flip side to that work load which has been a sad neglect of my blogging on here, short story writing and work on my books. Whilst my plans for this year focused on my fiction writing, the reality has seen me with much more to do for clients than I dared dream.

I wouldn’t change it though. Whilst it restricts the development of my books, they HAVE progressed. All whilst I have been paying the bills, building a future, settling into my new home and redefining my place in the world. Phew, I’ve been busy!

The Walls of Tartarus by SA Thurtle
The Walls of Tartarus 

En garde 2019!

So, what aims shall I set myself to miss in 2019?

Maybe to not decide I will miss my objectives before I set them… that could be one?

This year, I plan to:

– Post a new blog here once a month

– Include more about my new home on this blog

– Post a new short story here every two months

– Get the first draft of Tartarus*

– Make better use of Facebook

– Keep on keeping on with Twitter

I think that’ll do for now. We’ll see how the year pans out, I guess?

What about you? Any big plans here, at the dawning of the year?

(*it’s possible Tartarus is book 2 of a trilogy… I am as surprised as you are.)

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