The Ascension Series

The war between good and evil must end… 

The Ascension series is an adult, urban fantasy universe set in the world around us.

The first book, The Walls of Tartarus, follows an unlikely group on a desperate race against time as they try to evade the enemies at their back long enough to unlock the secrets of the fortress of Tartarus.

The Walls of Tartarus is face paced, intense tale of bravery, hope and the lengths we’ll go to in-order to protect the things we love. 

You can find get a taste of the world of the Ascension Series in my short stories Hunter, The Sweetest Sorrow and Siren

An excerpt from The Walls of Tartarus:

Valkyre burst through the roof of the building, spreading her wings as she emerged. The Guardian reacted, launching herself off the building, wings beating to gain height as she dove for the roof opposite.


The two Novitiates weren’t so lucky. Valkyre caught the first with the upswing of her blade, the sword slicing through its body from his groin to shoulder with ease. The body disintegrating into blue light as the stricken creature screamed it’s last.


The light swirled around her blade and spiralling in to lay over its surface before soaking into the cutting edge. Valkyre’s sword drew the energy up its length, channelling the raw power into her body via the handle.


The second Novitiate froze in place as the carnage unfolded. He stood, open mouthed, knife limp in his hand and stared at Valkyre as the power coursed through her body. She landed in front of him, grabbed his face in one hand and released a burst of the energy through her hand. Blue light flared under her hand, smashing through the creature’s skull and bursting out the other side. He died without a sound, his body dissolving into light as Valkyre turned to face her final opponent…