The Blank Page Challenge

Well, the time has come! After an insane week of so much work, support, questions, feedback, ideas and votes… it’s time to officially kick off The Blank Page Challenge (TBPC).

We’re working on the website and Facebook page at the moment, but the Twitter is all up and running, so please head over and check it out!

Oh and there was something else, what was it? OH yes, we have a logo, what do you think?


Pretty awesome, huh?

In the coming days I will most likely be moving the content regarding TBPC over to its own site and returning my blog to my writing, short stories and the like. But for the meantime, feel free to like, follow and generally stalk all aspects of TBPC over social media.



Website (coming soon):


Thanks again to you all for the immense support and enthusiasm I’ve received on this adventure. It’s pretty scary, but I am loving it!

Are you planning to join in and submit a short story for the event? We’ll be announcing more details this week and the first event kicks off on the 1st of February! Are you looking forward to it?

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