The Exoterran Series

What if humanity had already journeyed to the stars? 

When a young genius unlocked the secrets to interstellar travel he had a choice to make; reveal the truth to a people who can’t even live in peace on one world? Or travel out in secret, hand picking those to come with him? The choice was easy. 

Generations later, the mighty Exoterran fleet lives among the stars, far from an Earth which still doesn’t know they exist… for now… 

Relative Horizon – Book 1 Earth Reforged Trilogy

Regaining his senses, the astronaut groped around for the wall of the lab, his vision covered in white spots from the explosion. Shaking his head in a vain effort to clear his vision, he planted his feet against the wall then shoved hard to float back to the view port.

The sight took him a few seconds to make sense of, thinking that maybe his eyes were playing tricks.

“Mother of God…” he whisper, before reaching for the emergency alarm, slamming it hard and yelling “brace for impact!”… 

Relative Horizon is the first book in the Earth Reforged series, a trilogy of speculative science fiction.

This first book sets the stage for an explosive story of bravery, fear, hope and tragedy, set in a world you know and a universe that you don’t… yet.

Relative Horizon will be available soon…

Blindside – Book 1 in the Eclipse Trilogy

“As soon as the stealth is off, open a comm channel to the…”


Dawes cut her off mid-order, “Sir, we’re being hailed by Commodore Carter of the EMS Huntsman.”


“Okay, not the type to wait, it seems. Very well. To my screen.”


Ellen’s main screen turned black, displayed the EMC fleet coat of arms which vanished to be replaced by a stern, late-middle aged man in uniform.


“This is Commodore Carter of the Huntsman. Captain Terrell, you will stand you crew down, take your jump drive offline and set you main reactor to stand-by. You will then wait to be boarded.”


“Sorry… Commodore…”


“Captain. Your vessel has been targeted by the fleet. Failure to comply will be regarded as a hostile act. You have thirty seconds to follow my damn orders.” The screen went black.


To her right, the alert systems of both science stations lit up red as the threat detection alarms began screaming from her own display.

When a newly promoted captain of a highly advanced ship goes on a murderous rampage, one of his oldest friends is sent to hunt him down and stop him. In the darkness of space she will find that the man she knew is not who she thought he was… Or is something else going on in her Blindside…

Eclipse is a story of friendship, bravery and deception set against the backdrop of humanities first steps into the stars…