Top 5 YouTube Channels For Writers

One thing which I am equally thrilled and frustrated by is the saying “there’s always more to learn”. Why? Because it’s 100% true which is both exciting and exhausting.

This has never been more true than now as I work to hone my writing skills. It seems that everything I “know” about writing is only partly true and that there’s a wealth of information, ideas, concepts, skills, equipment, tools, terms, and resources which I was completely unaware… he says writing this blog on Scrivener, one such early and indispensable discovery.

Thankfully, there’s a wealth of resources on YouTube, blogs and other sources which have helped me rapidly accelerate my learning. It might seem daunting to start with, I have found that taking a steady drip feed of information from a range of places is helping me grow every day.

But with so many channels out there, how do you know where to start? Well, here are some of the best resources I have found on YouTube to help you to be a better writer.


Kim Chance – YouTube

Kim has recently published her first Young Adult (YA) novel, Keeper, but has been working on it for a long time. Her YouTube channel is a goldmine of detailed, helpful and insightful information on every aspect of writing. So, whether you’re looking to just get started or if need help brushing up existing skills, this is a great resource and I can’t recommend it enough!

Recommended starting video:The Top Five Rookie Writing Mistakes


Vivien Reis – YouTube

Vivien has recently been published, her book, The Elysian Prophecy, is out now so go check that out.

Vivien’s YouTube channel is a fantastic resource for all writers, whether you’re new or established. Her videos make even some complex ideas really accessible and she has a great sense of humor, so I would recommend you take a look!

Recommended starting video: 9 Tips for Writing Better Dialogue


CloudCuckooCountry – YouTube

First off, these videos are pretty sweary. You have been warned.

An Australian journalist, critic and writer, this owl (watch the video, you’ll see what I mean) takes an acidic and direct approach to discussing some books. I say discussing, I mean dissecting. The videos on this channel pull apart books which the presenter things are bad or have issues whilst, crucially, explaining exactly why.

There’s some very detailed, technical analysis. It can be pretty linguistically intense, but gives you a depth of explanation to some of the mechanisms and deep ideas behind writing which you won’t find so well expressed anywhere else.

Recommended starting video: d i a l o g u e


Alexandra VanHorn – YouTube

There are many, many reasons to keep up with Al. Her videos have an enthusiasm and excitement for writing which is contagious, seriously, if you’re flagging, check these out. She also does regular “Write Along”s which, although I’ve yet to jump in on, I will be at some point soon and I think are an awesome idea.

Add that she also wants to be English into that mix and I am predisposed to like her as a fellow tea drinker!

Recommended starting video: 5 Things I Wish I Knew at the Start of My Writing Journey

Disclaimer: I helped with this video, so I am biased as all hell in liking this one, but it’s great so go check it out. 


The Closer Look – YouTube

Henry’s channel consists of a detailed set of essays on movies, but, his detailed deconstruction of core ideas behind movies will help with your writing. He covers some unique perspectives which will help you improve your characters, villains, endings… all sorts. He’s a writer himself and this frequently comes through on the videos themselves.

These aren’t light watching, you’ll need to bring your brain and coffee, but the quality of ideas and concepts in there is invaluable.

Recommended starting video: How To Create A Great Character

So, there you go, five YouTuber’s who I would recommend you check out as they will help with your writing. Let me know what you think of them in the comments below and if you have any recommendations of channels you think I should check out.

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  1. Great list. Have you also seen the channel ‘Just Write’ on youtube. It’s more geared towards movies but I’ve found it very useful too.

    1. Apparently I’ve watched some of their videos, but hadn’t subbed. I have now fixed this oversight. Thanks for the tip!

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